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Gifted & Talented Prep and Early Kindergarten

Lay the foundation for the scores that can help your child get admitted to the most competitive gifted & talented programs, including Hunter College Elementary. We also offer early Kindergarten options to get your child on the road to school success.


Gifted & Talented Prep, Hunter Elementary, Early Reading and AABL Prep

Through our proprietary PERFORM methodology, we’ll create a personalized solution that helps your children maximize their comfort, their confidence and their scores on NYC G&T tests for Citywide and Districtwide programs. High scores pave the way for entrance to the city’s most competitive programs, including Hunter College Elementary. We also offer early reading programs, prep for the AABL and private school group visit assessments.


Prep for ELA and Math State Tests

Admittance to top middle schools and high schools pave the way for entrance to the most competitive colleges. Using our SCORE 4 methodology, we’ll help your children maximize their performance on critical state tests that open doors to competitive city school programs. Many of our teachers come from top-scoring Citywide G&T programs and they regularly prepare students to score 4 and above on these exams.


Prep for the SHSAT and Hunter College High School Entrance Exam

Top scores on the SHSAT can qualify your children for admission to the 8 of the city’s 9 Specialized High Schools. We’ll help them score to their highest potential on the SHSAT, as well as the exam for Hunter College High School.


The Testing Mom Tutoring Difference

Through, we've already helped 650,000+ students prepare for critical school tests. We've used the best-of-the-best of our online strategies as the foundation for our Testing Mom Tutoring curriculum. We’ll offer you and your child:

Educated, Experienced Tutors

Your child will learn from veteran educators who know what it takes to help children to get to the top.

Personalized, Structured Curriculum

After an assessment, we design a custom curriculum that targets your child’s challenge areas.

Feedback and Guidance for Parents

You'll know exactly how your child is doing with a debrief after every session.

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