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See what our parents have to say about their experience.


“Hi Karen - AW had wildly successful results this admissions season and we just wanted to send a sincere note of thanks for all your help along the way. She got into Hunter! And also every private school we applied to. Her success is also yours, so we just wanted to share the news!!”


“Good morning. I was on the point to write to you this morning to thank you. D got 99% (olsat 99 and nnat 99), we are very happy for him. I will stop by at TestingMom Tutoring Center to thank all of you soon!”


“Thank you so much for helping A get a 99%. Zian and Gina did such a great job with him - please let them know how grateful we are!”


“Good morning! I am so very happy with the results. DS got a total 98%, OLSAT 95 and NNAT 99. Thank you for preparing us!”


“You are right!! This was our hope (to get a 98%). So happy and relieved! Thank you again Karen, for being so helpful and supportive!”


“FG got a score of 99% on the G&T test!! Needless to say, we are grateful for your help in this endeavor....”


“Happy to share that SZ got all three scores at 99% for the G&T Test. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a citywide school, especially queens q300 since we live in queens. Thanks for your excellent website, books, other resources, and all the great tips from in person chatting.”


“We're very pleased with R's results. We know you played a big part in her achievement - thank you!”


“Good morning! I hope all is well with you. A few days ago I received an email about the sharing A's score then I totally forgot about it. I am not sure what I did with the email but I can't find it. So I am just reaching out to you instead. He did very well! Really grateful for all the help we had from TestingMom Tutoring. It was a huge help to get him prepared for the test. Thank you again!”


“I just wanted to let you know Alex did very well on his test, and he was accepted in early February to the Horace Mann school. Thank you again for helping Alex with his practice.”


“I want to first thank you for being so kind to Lucas and being an amazing effective tutor. Lucas really enjoyed learning from you and it left a lasting impression on him. We can’t thank you enough for our positive learning experience.”


“We really enjoy your sessions and your reports are thoughtful, useful, and detailed. It is very much appreciated.”


“OMG! Thank you so much for the quick report. I appreciate your love and great support for Aiden. He loved working with you.”


“Whatever the testing brings, we feel this was a worthwhile effort. She’s having a lot of fun with it and learning a bunch.”


“My husband Bartomeu and I were very happy that Isabella had another opportunity to work with you again.  We really appreciate your help and guidance in supporting Isabella.”


“Lily has mentioned multiple times how much she enjoyed working with you. I appreciated how easy it was to implement your suggestions.”


“Great report! Thanks! Audem has so much fun.”


“It was our pleasure meeting with you! Hope we could have another session with you.”

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